Goldwood Healthy Living

Goldwood Healthy Living
has a two-fold ongoing mission:


We provide health and wellness education to the public.

We promote those who improve the lives of others.

Our community is diverse – from single entrepreneurs to large corporations – but we all have one thing in common: we work to improve the health and well-being of our friends and neighbors.

We serve as an educational source for health and wellness topics across the spectrum. If it impacts lives, we can cover it. We work to bridge the trust gap between healthcare consumers and health & wellness professionals. We work to connect you with the public through a variety of mediums:

  • Live Public Events
  • Mini Health-themed Expos
  • Wellness at Work Employee Health Fairs
  • Live Weekly Radio Talk Show
  • Quarterly Print Magazine

 Goldwood Healthy Living is a division of Goldwood Productions, llc, a media development company specializing in community-focused projects that improve lives. We serve most of Missouri, Northwest Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma and SE Kansas and are based in Springfield, Missouri.


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